Friday, January 14, 2011

Simple pleasures

It’s an incredible thing (finally, at my age) to start a new year as a father.

Our son, the apple of our eye, has introduced an entirely new perspective on what is important. Now, what I consider important may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think I’m pretty safe in saying that with a baby in the family, the simple things in life have taken on a whole new dimension.

From the moment I walk in our front door to see the little guy crawling up to greet me, the outside world fades into, well, the outside world. I'm now immersed in the pure joy of watching him discover for the first time all those things we take for granted.

I can sit and sit and sit some more, quietly watching as Morgan plays and roams. I'm in constant amazement, watching him watch his own hands, picking up a ball, leaf or (inevitably) dry dog food; or as he pulls a new expression - a quizzically raised eyebrow, a delighted smile; especially a disdainful frown. It is all absolute gold!

We are so lucky and constantly remind ourselves of that fact, during mini-tantrums, hunger strikes and 3am dance parties in the cot. The days of allowing myself to come home and brood about work and the miniscule aggravations associated with individuals or issues at work are now, very much, a thing of the past.

As usual I welcome your thoughts, questions, comments. Are you a new or reasonably new parent? How have you adjusted to the changes?