Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Obstacles and the Art of Manipulation

Did you know that obstacles are designed to deliberately manoeuvre us in a direction that someone else wants us to go?

Obstacles take many forms, and there are many more varieties than those you might traditionally associate with a military context. Furthermore, there are people you deal with every day who deliberately use obstacle-like tactics to force you to take a certain direction, much the same way that military obstacles are deployed in times of conflict. Surprised? I bet you're not.

The trick is to know how to get around obstructors, and never allow yourself to be channelled into a space (mental or physical) where your adversary has the upper hand. You need to outsmart, outwit and outmanoeuvre at all times: and bring your best game when you know you're heading into enemy territory. My advice: either breach the blockade head-on, or find a way to get around it without being ambushed.

It can be as simple as identifying the threat for what it is: a personal attack, a diversion, a show of strength, or even a hostile takeover. Then, step back and reappraise your options. Other times, though, you'll find yourself left with little choice but to play them at their own game and fight through. Either way, seizing control is your ultimate objective, and you do this by being aware of the sometime-malign forces at play.

So, in summary: out-manipulate the manipulator!

Have you ever been forced into a corner? What did you do?

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